April 1, 2015 is one of the most memorable night in Digitek’s history as we celebrated our Annual Gathering at the Intercontinental Hotel Doha.

It was a night of encouragement as Digitek’s Admin Officers headed by Mr. Jean Claude Hage Boutros opened the event by presenting the various milestones and achievements the company have accomplished particularly in giving the company the direction it needed by giving it an overhaul in terms of branding, repositioning the company in the market as well as expansion not only in manpower and equipment upgrade but also in the upcoming move to a bigger office in the coming months.

It is also a night of challenging each and every individual of the huge task not only in reaching and exceeding our target but also in laying out a vision of being recognized as a major player in the region when it comes to Production, Digital House and Events Planning. 

A vision that is fast becoming a reality.