Digitek’s production house solutions focus on capturing occasions and preserving the distinctiveness of memories and moments. Our productions compel viewers to listen, watch, think, feel, re-live, celebrate or at times even buy, support and become customers of our clients. Depending on the scope of the project Digitek’s directors discuss the options of shooting on film or on videotape, advising clients on the best medium that suits the occasion. We breathe life into our clients’ productions through scriptwriting, casting, filming, editing, animation, voice-over and music services, all chosen discerningly to create a perfect capture of moments you want on record. Over and above, we also offer an array of production house facilities that include the use of equipment, studios, editing facilities and post-production services serving the interest of independent directors and producers.

  • Corporate & Commercial Videos -Web Videos, Presentations, Product Demo
  • Creative Video Concept –Script & Synopsis writing, Story Boarding, Mood Board Development
  • Documentary Films
  • TV Commercials
  • Event Coverage
  • Production Facilities


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