Digitek’s professionals have time for you; to listen, to clarify, to refine and simplify the task at hand. To understand clearly and advise appropriately, to strategize, organize, plan and build; fresh, extraordinary, solutions that are made to order, to suit your unique requirements. We offer consultative and advisory services, in each of our fields of expertise because our people possess the know-how you need, to do the job you want. We also guarantee superior client servicing, which will see you through every project from start to finish, making Digitek the ideal business companion on your journey towards success.


Our in-house specialists :

Production House

  • Director
  • Production Manager
  • Senior Videographers and editors
  • Senior Photographers
  • Assistants
  • Art Director

Digital House

  • Production Manager
  • Senior Graphic Designers
  • Professional installers
  • Professional printing technicians

Event Management

  • Event Project Managers
  • Account Managers
  • Coordinators
  • Creative Team